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Saturday, September 26, 2015

2015 is the year I'm turning thirty -- I never thought I would make such a big deal out of it, but as THE day draws near, it's personally becoming more and more of an important milestone that I want to celebrate in as many ways imaginable. Starting with making dramatic (Yes, I have to use this word because I'm such a diva like that!) and positive changes in myself, and in my life.  I'm going back to my roots -- whatever the heck that means.

2014:  Celebrated my 29th birthday with Edra and my Sarmiento family at Claire Dela Fuente Grill and Seafood, Dampa, Pasay City.

2013:  Went to Starbucks Coffee, Petron, NLEX-Marilao after a fun bowling sesh with Edra and my brothers.
Free Blueberry Cheesecake on my 28th birthday. Gotta love my Starbucks Card.

2015 is the year my husband and I are celebrating our eleventh year together as a couple, and fourth year as a married couple -- we celebrate two anniversaries: September for our girlfriend-boyfriend years, and December for our wedding. We are in agreement that we need to travel more, and take more stunning photographs as we've stopped doing that the past years, and we miss the fun of it tremendously. We are in agreement that we need to do more, to have more, to be more. Thinking about all the dreams we share, and the goals we set in this lifetime always leave me feeling kilig and thankful for having met and married a person who inspires and pushes me. I think we all need and deserve to have that "someone" (or that "something") who drives us. Life becomes so much more meaningful if lived fully, how ever one defines it.

Edra and I visit Casa Manila Patio, Intramuros, Manila every wedding anniversary to take the same photo.
This has become a tradition. Looking forward to what our 2015 photo will look like!

2014:  Visited the beaches of Subic, Zambales on our Semana Santa break.
Heavy traffic was an understatement. Good thing we were with college friends so chitchats are endless.

2015 is also a big year career-wise. Aside from our budding fabrication business that is EVO, my husband and I have branched our services and now offer quality paintworks through ProjectMnl. We're still relatively new to the business world -- still in the seemingly never-ending process of learning and re-learning, of trying and trying again. Putting up a business of your own is demanding in every sense of the word and waaay beyond, but we both feel it's all worth it. Plus, being able to work together makes the experience all the more extraordinary.

It isn't everyday people get to work with their husbands. I'm fortunate to be one who does.
It isn't everyday people get to mix their jobs with their passions. We're truly fortunate to be those who do.

I feel these topics deserve articles of their own, as there are lots of things to talk about. I guess the main point of me writing all these, and having this as my first entry to my new virtual home is that I have so many stories to tell -- personal stories I feel comfortable to share with this blog's readers, and that I've missed writing terribly. And of course to say hello again, Blogger!

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